Educational strategies for councils

School improvement and special educational needs action plan for Peterborough City Council (PCC)


Perducta were appointed to support PCC to review education provisions in light of the changing role of local authorities.

Our team comprised the best national experts in their field and their expertise supported the internal change team with SEN, school improvement, education and strategic project management, focusing on best/next practices and what had worked elsewhere.

Peterborough’s schools were underperforming but were committed to becoming a strategic commission authority and recognised the need for improvement.

Perducta were asked to build on existing diagnostic work on the effectiveness of their school improvement, SEN and disabilities strategies.


We benchmarked the best performing authorities and produced an options appraisal which included key themes: equity; early intervention and prevention; culture change; a willingness to challenge; building strong relations and quality assurance to ensure excellent practice.

We drew up school improvement and SEN strategy which considered the growing but unstable market, as well as untapped strength within Peterborough’s own school system.

It also incorporated Peterborough’s broader responsibilities to achieve education excellence and fair access to services for all young people.

We produced presentations, surveys and research and attended meetings to promote the recommendations.


Metrics such as attainment, NEETs, attendance, reduced out of city placements will be tracked and these will measure the impact of the Peterborough City Council school improvement action plan.